Workshop of the sculptor by Johan Van Dijck

Johan Van Dijck graduated from The Kunsthumaniora Rikso (Antwerp) and St Lukas (Brussels) Higher Art Education option Free Arts Experimental Atelier. Read More

Workshop of the sculptor by Johan Van Dijck

Location: Mechelen


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Vendor: Jo Van Dijck


After intense observation and reflection, the artist has been developing an artistic investigation since 2013, mainly in the Spanish Pyrenees, to visualise his vision of man, landscape and temporality. 

Intertwined scenes of fragmented still lifes, landscapes and figures, as an attempt to capture the "condition humaine" in one single image, in a single moment in time.

Like a "Guernica" of relationships, loaded with new content, spontaneous and instinctive beyond dimension and time. Sometimes full of zest for life and colour, sometimes rough and naked like unpainted wood, as if to reveal in our vulnerability and the alienation within ourselves. An emotionally charged event: what is shown here is as important as what was left out.

The constructivist approach to form and design, in image and painting, recalls the work of old masters. A reinterpretation of a universal theme, paradisiacal longing, through an architectural construction and formal language.

The past is present in the present, but also as an element of the future.

Product Specifications

Designer Johan Van Dijck

Length 92

Width 158

Vendor Jo Van Dijck

Condition New

Color Multicolored

Production year 2022

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