Topic by Annick Vandecappelle

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Topic by Annick Vandecappelle

€1,900.00 Location: Antwerp

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Vendor: Annick Vandecappelle


Annick Vandecappelle - a former fashion stylist - has devoted herself to ceramic sculptures, which have become her new language. She analyses the subtle tension between different elements and forms. The clash of geometrical and biomorphic shapes gives birth to strange compositions, pure and rigid, but always full of surprises. Not unlike an architect she creates volumes ‘en suite’. All the while playing with proportion, rhythm and balance, like a jazz musician who follows the creative urge without a clearly defined goal.

Crafted from a light clay with rough black chamotte.

Brutalistic work.

Annick resides in Antwerp. 

Product Specifications

Designer Annick Vandecappelle

Material Ceramics

Length 31

Width 22

Height 51

Brand Annick Vandecappelle

Condition New

Color Neutrals

Production year 2022

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